Does it make sense to HODL Uniswap this time?

  vor 46 Minuten

Recently, Uniswap Labs restricted access to a host of tokens on the protocol interface it supports, owing to regulatory concerns. This managed to stir UNI HODLers. Despite the not-so-welcome move, the token’s value ended by appreciating by more than 6% in the past 24-hours. So, at this juncture, what makes more sense? To cling on […]


XRP gains could be limited until this happens

  vor 1 Stunde

Led by Bitcoin’s rebound from $30,000, the global cryptocurrency market has been on a bullish run. The gradual rise of buying pressure saw most alts register a period of sustained growth over the past few days. XRP too saw a spike in value as the last six days alone contributed to a price increase of […]


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